​MD's Pub becomes Ten Oaks Tavern

In late 2008 the Best Family purchased M.D’s Country Pub in Glenelg Maryland, and soon reopened it as Ten Oaks Tavern. M.D.’s was a family owned and operated restaurant with the initials M.D. standing for Michael Duffy who established the restaurant in 1990. M.D.'s built a loyal following of customers over the years. 

​Top 5 reasons to frequent the local tavern in early America:
  • As the Town's social center, it was the place to get news and information about the mother country.  They are taxing what?!?!


  • Contribute to the local economy.  You got to spend your hard earned money somewhere.

  • Get a free keg of beer if you enlist in the local militia.  After three beers, I am totally in!

  • A place to gather for important meetings.  Raise your glass  if you want independence from England!

  • Because you are on trial.  With small town budgets to work with, early taverns were also used as courts.


Top 5 reasons to frequent the local tavern now:


  • Grab some food with the family.  Home cooking is overrated.

  • Watch your favorite sports team.  Can't we all just get along....and agree to boo the Yankees. 

  • Hang out with old friends and to meet new people.  Everyone is best friends after a few drinks.

  • Unwind after a day of work.  Let us do the serving!

  • Discuss issues.  They are taxing what?!?! This topic never gets old.


Although some of the original purposes of the tavern have changed since the early days, one thing is for sure, this is your local tavern. 

​The Beginning of Glenelg..

​From what we can tell, Glenelg doesn’t exactly have an established date. Although there may have been other settlers, the beginning of the area now named Glenelg seems to start with a man named John Dorsey. Dorsey was a prominent man and one of the first settlers in Howard County. In 1735, he gave land to his daughter Sarah Dorsey Howard and her husband Henry Howard out in the western part of the county (which is now Glenelg). The property was called Howard's Resolution. On this land, Ephraim Howard, son of Sara and Henry, built a house on the property in the middle to late 1700's. In 1884, an additional section was added on to the front of the house. The newer front section was built by General Joseph Tyson, Assistant Postmaster General under President Tyler. General and Mrs. Tyson called their home "Glenelg" after an old estate in Scotland and "because it spelled the same from either end." Although historically not a true manor house, what is today known as "Glenelg Manor" forms the nucleus of a sprawling structure, which houses the Glenelg Country School elementary division. The manor became the origin of the area's name.

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